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Bad gas? Bogging/ hesitation

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Hey all. Looked through threads and there are so many that I can't find one to suit. I have a K8 1000. Chopped 1" off the pipes looped the 02 sensor back (O2 eliminator) good connection. Took out set valve hardware etc. Bike has run great for a long time. Have not made any recent mods.
Gas light came on today and stopped and filled her up and ever since then she hasn't run right. No power up top, just hesitation. Will hold at 10 grand and not pull any at all. Gets worse the longer I ride. It gets to the point that when I'm cruising at 5 grand in 6th gear I can WOT and it just falls on it's face, no power at all like the ignition has quit, let off the throttle and it comes back. Under moderate to light throttle it seems to run fine but if you romp on it at low or high rpm it hesitates and bogs. I'm inclined to thind "bad gas" but I drained all the gas and didn't find much water in it at all. Gas looks pretty clean. Took out all the spark plugs and they are all uniform, little bit white on the top of the arm that swings out and over and the white part that is suppost to be white is still white, might be just a little but not much tint of red on them. Haven't had the chance to put new gas in it and ride yet but I'm with this feeling as good as the gas looked that it isn't that. Has anyone else had this problem and it been bad gas? Does that sound like bad gas???
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I stop at a few different places and this place is one of them. It's raining pretty bad today so I'm not getting the chance to ride right now. But like I said, I drained all the gas and looked at it and I mean it had VERY miniscule amounts of water in it.

As for the coils, I could see it being an ignition problem but not at the coils cause it would be too much of a coincidence for all of them to stop working at once, and if it were just one then it would come off as a missfire which this is just a pure falling on it's face of all cylinders.

Maybe it's something in the ECM. I hope it's just this gas though. Bad thing is... the gas looks great. It only happens under HEAVY acceleration.
It was a little wet outside but I went down to a different gas station and filled her up and got out on the interstate. Drove the bike for about 10 min to get the new gas going through the system fully and any remaining old gas out then I started wearing it out up and down the highway and she feels back 100% I mean I gave her hell. No more bogging and hesitation and feels more powerful than it did with that gas that was in it. I think maybe I had got close to the last of what was in that gas stations tank. Plus I use 93 octane and with the economy the way it is I would say that not many people use 93 so I would say it sits the longest in the reservoirs therefore having the chance to collect all kinds of water and junk that you might not be able to see with the eye.
Thanks for any help guys, Shes Back!!!
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