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Bike Died While Running; Can't Bring it Back

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I was riding my bike yesterday (07 GSXR 750), and closed the throttle due to some traffic. When I opened the throttle again, the bike did not respond and I noticed that the gauges were dead. I pulled the bike over, and noticed that the RPM gauge was stuck at 2000 rpm, even when I switched the key to off. The bike had zero power when the key was switched back on.

My buddies and I checked the fuses and saw that the 30 amp fuse in the starter relay was blown. When we replaced the fuse, however, the new fuse blew again. We brought the bike to my mechanic to check for any ground.

My mechanic opened the bike and disconnected various connections, but the fuse keeps blowing. According to him, he checked all connections but the problems persists. His conclusion is that the problem is with the starter relay and recommended getting a new one. I am not a technical person, so I cannot validate if all connections were indeed properly checked for any ground.

The only modification I did to my bike recently was to install a JSD Pro TRE. But the bike worked well after that, and I probably had run 1,500 kilometers since that installation before this problem happened.

I live in the Philippines, and we do not have a Suzuki dealer to go to here. I would really appreciate any advice from the technical experts in this forum or from anyone who had experienced this problem before. Thank you.
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That sounds worrisome. I hope not. In case it's the ecm, is that fatal or can that be replaced?
Thanks, guys, for the comments. Will discuss these with my mechanic, and post updates.

So you don't think the problem is with the starter relay?
Hi, I referred to the Suzuki Service Manual and couldn't find the diagram for the "crank sensor." Does it have some other name, from among the following items listed below?:

1 Fuel pump relay (5-7)
2 IAT sensor (4-53)
3 Cooling fan relay (7-7)
4 PAIR control solenoid valve (11-7)
5 CMP sensor (4-33)
6 Ignition coil (No.1, 2, 3, 4)
7 Horn
8 Fuel level gauge
9 Fuel pump (5-8)
0 Regulator/Rectifier
A Oil pressure switch
B Generator
C Speed sensor
D GP switch
E Side-stand switch
F TO sensor (4-63)1 Battery
2 AP sensor (4-57)
3 Mode selection switch coupler (4-18)
4 Fuse Box
5 ECM (Engine Control Module)
6 Secondary fuel injector (4-80)
7 Primary fuel injector (4-77)
8 ECT sensor (4-49)
9 STV actuator (4-67)
0 STP sensor (4-70)
A TP sensor (4-44)
B IAP sensor (4-38)
C Starter relay/Main fuse
D Turn signal/Side-stand relay
E EXCVA (6-4)
F CKP sensor (4-35)
G HO2 sensor (E-02, 19) (4-87)
H Cooling fan (7-6)
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Yes, the K7 and K6 are the same. Will ask mechanic to look and test these two sensors. Thanks!
Found out my rectifier is burnt. Hope everything's ok when I get the replacement.
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