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This was the first Bike Night for Iron Horse Hotel since Covid shut things down. I actually got there earlier than most and had dinner there too out on there really nice outside patio/garden area.

Then things finally started filling in too.

The Usual suspects were there and I knew and have ridden with many.

Earlier on

These are friends and acquaintances too Yellow jacket is Brian- Duc Street Fighter; Black and White is Andrew - Honda African Twin; Green shirt- hung all night with us- forgot name- Triumph Street Double; Black shirt- Wilson- Hyabusa- was driving his Canam Spyder last night.
In the background looking over is Sam- Ducati panaigale V4. Sam is a Track junkie and owns/runs the restaurant that has been hosting the morning MotoGP races. Next one is 6/20/21 0700.

Yours Truly ( My 61st Birthday is Saturday), unknown name on a Aprillia superMoto, and Sam on the Duc V4 Panigale. You can see the edge of the outdoor patio. Cool Hotel built in an old factory, cool place.

One last shot of our bikes before I left for the evening.
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