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Congratulations to Last Week for winning our 2012 Bike of the Year :clap: :clap:

K7 Suzuki Gsxr 600

The Story and Mods

Bought it 2010 and is the first bike I've owed. love it. Got to the track last year. I will admit I'm addicted to the "track crack". So went to VIR in Oct. and did Patriot or Patriot did me. The story starts like all the rest I'm sure "I was following a CR and then...." ! so she is a track bike now. Thanks goes out to all that help me that day. Big thanks to Ron "meanstrk" for the paint job and Rob at tapeworks for the graphics. She's given me 6 perfect track days this year so far

Full Yoshi headers back
Velocity stacks
Driven 520 conversion +1, -2
Ohlins Damper
Gilles rearsets
Armour Bodies SB body
Bazzaz ZFI AFM -track tuned
Driven racing clipons
Pazzos adj levers
Renthal Grips
R1 throttle tube conversion
Yoyodine fairing stay
Yana Shiki Rotors front and back
Galfer ceramic pads
Spiegler SS braided lines front and rear Alt 2 pattern for front
Spiegler ABM brake reservoir
I also had the stock suspension adjusted for my weight.
Powder coated rims
Right angle vavle stems
Driven oil cap
Woodcraft Stator and clutch covers
Driven Aluminum Sprocket nuts


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Ho Ly Crap! I can't believe this! there were some really killer bikes last year. Wow thanks everybody!

This site is truly the best out there, with the best people. :thumbup:

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A trackie won?!?!?!?! There is a God!!!!! :lol::thumbup::clap:
Congrats broski

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Congratulations LastWeek :thumbup: Gorgeous bike... i'd do her :thumbup:
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