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I have an 00 750 that has a eurotail undertail, replaced the factory tail light and everything, but the blinkers are seperate. The guy who owned the bike before me hooked it up and the wiring all looks ok, but the other day I must have knocked something around in there because one of my lights died and I found a loose wire in there. I found one place where it looks like the wire may have gone to but I can't get them to work correctly. Depending on how I hook the wires up to the tail light; I can get them to be on BRAKE all the time and do nothing when you pull the lever in. be OFF all the time and then go to regular ON, or they just won't do anything at all. But I can't get them to be on running lights all the time or for the brake lights to come on when I pull in the lever.
Does anyone have a diagram or a picture of how their's is wired, this is really pissing me off right now.

I'm going to go out riding now so I have one of the lights on all the time and the other one comes on when I hit the brakes, it seems like it should be ok for now
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