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I have an 04 GSX-R 600, got an FI code flashing, took it to the suzuki dealership.

They told me it was a bad CDI board. They wanted to charge me 1100$ to fix it. I said no thanks, went and picked up the bike and brought it home.

Found one on ebay, bought it. Installed it in 2 mins, what do you know, the same flash code popped up. Found by researching how to put it in dealership mode. Found the c-28 code.

Called suzuki, told them that I don't claim to be a motorcycle expert, but in my field i know when a circuit board is good, and i know when one is bad, and that its unprofessional to take a guess with some one else's money.

They said that you have to replace the entire throttle body, even though it is the actuator motor thats external.

Found this page, followed it exactly and it worked PERFECT. You can check the motor electrically, and you will know if you fixed it.

I hope this helps some one else.
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