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I am selling my chatterbox hjc-frs multi-sport unit. It is for a full face helmet, and I am also including an extra extension cable and second headset. This is everything you need for you and your rider to communicate.
It was used one time and then removed due to the wife never riding with me.
I also included new velcro so all the pieces would be there.
I will take $145 shipped, I only accept paypal.
Hopefully someone else will ge some use out of it.

Here is some of the features.
Two FRS channels plus private intercom mode;
Range: Up to 2 miles; Main Volume control knob;
Stereo headset that fits most open or closed face helmets;
Voice activated mic for hands free use;
Crystal clear FM reception;
* Audio input socket for full stereo sound
(audio cord for iPod/Walkman/MP3 player, not included in the kit);
Push to talk wired remote button;
Replaceable rechargeable Ni-MH battery;
Low battery indicator light;
Full 1 year US manufacturer warranty.

Each ChatterBox HJC-FRS Communicator kit comes with:
(1) Chatterbox HJC-FRS Communicator unit with volume adjustment, 2 channels plus intercom switch, Audio-In socket for Walkman type stereo music/ iPod connection,
(1)rechargeable Ni-MH battery,
(1)AC home charger,
(1) Push to talk button kit,
high quality foam covered microphone and speaker system and all the necessary mounting brackets and hardware.

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