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Crack head needs 1999 GSXR 600 ignition key switch bypass how to.

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So i got my hands on this older 99 gsxr 600 the other day close to my house. It was parked in this catholic orphanage for blind children and they were having some kind of sale or church bazaar or something, the little blind kids and their nun were selling candy bars for a buck a peice. So i walk up to get me a candy bar plus scope out this gsxr chilling there. I give the blind kid a buck and he hands me a snickers bar and i ask him about the bike. Blind kid says the bike belongs to all the kids there at the orphanage and they are really happy to have it and its all they have. So blind kid is telling me this & i stop him mid sentance and bark at him "Kid! i gave you a hundred dollar bill! now you trying to short change me rip me off?!. The blind kid apologizes and states he doesn't know unless he is told what denomination he was given. Right, just give me my $99 bucks you little scammer kid. Anyways, getting off topic, yes i stole this god damn bike from these blind orphans and how do i hot wire this thing? I am not about to spend my hard earned money like the money i cheated these blind kids out of taking it to a shop. How do i hot wire this damn stolen bike i got? any pussies try and tell me they won't help me bc i stole the bike then those people are str8 up bitches. I scam and steal from little blind orphans you bunch cry babies. Ha ha ha! i love it. HA HA HA!!!i love myself and i am an awesome person! hahaha...i just pooped my pants....hahaha! ok tho, seriously i need to bypass ignitiion, i get no spark.
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Welcome to the forum.

What are you trolling for? :ROFLMAO:
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Looks like @Tinsnips work to me!! 😅🤣
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If you get it running you should immediately take a 30 mph turn at 100 mph.
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C'mon guys, the Op is just kidding.

If it was a true story he'd be in the wrong forum. A Catholic Orphanage wouldn't have a Suzuki, they'd have the Triumph of Jesus.

I reckon Op's missing the key to an actual issue.
I know a story about a catholic priest, a snickers bar and confession but I don’t think it’s appropriate for this forum.

OP, just buy a replacement lock set and get the keys coded to the ECM (if you have immobilizer fitted).
Looks like @Tinsnips work to me!! 😅🤣
That's cousion Eddie. It was the sheer amount of awesome he exudes that blinded the kids in the first place...

Enjoy this while it lasts.
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