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Yep, we just got back from jammin at the Steel Pulse concert, they are awesome! Hehe they are like 60 years old but they jam!

Anyway we just picked up our Monster energy drinks and our Mexican food and we are back taking care of your PM's and emails. Man you guys liked this tax return sale and icon and astars stuff! Anyway we want to make sure you are taken care of so we are back at 1:30am, after having a good time :D

Here's a couple pics of tonight

After scalping some tickets hehe, in da club! :thumbup:

Steel Pulse!

Concert was awesome, next mission: Mexican Food...

Gotta grab some energy before back to work.

Back at the shop! nom nom nom

Al Pastor Burrito, fvck yeah!

Carne Asada fries, requested extra crispy, makes all the difference :)
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