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I would definitely recommend this jacket to someone in the market for leather gear!

I have the Dainese Street Runner shoes for almost a year & know from that, they have good quality stuff.

Wow, this jacket kicks ass! I just got it, unexpectedly too. I went to Cyclegear for a $20 part & walked out with this beautiful leather jacket.

First off, omg the smell of this high quality leather is definitely intoxicating, the feel is so smooth & soft, the fit is like a glove, & the look is understated but with tiny details of the Dainese brand.

I like the perforated front for warm weather, the thick removable liner for cold mornings, the adjustable sides, & the tailored slim fit. I once worked at Emporio Armani, & the cut & material of jacket is definitely on the level of something from a high-end retailer.

I have been planning on one day getting a leather jacket, & the guy gave me a $75 discount even thought it wasn't on sale. Besides he said I could wear it all I want & still return it for a refund within 30 days.

I am very happy I got it & can't wait to go for a ride (as soon as it stops storming).
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