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Once again we had a great time at this very unique event!!

We met at out now usual spot for breakfast in Delafield WI. Then headed to Pine Bluff WI. taking all the good known twisties on the way- No interstate. Great weather, great roads, great people, etc.
After walking around looking at all the great bikes, we then made out way to Leland WI. Both of these towns are kinda wide spots in the road, off the beaten path. Many of the roads follow along the WI River out that way, foothills, and plenty of nice track like turns. Very few of them blind, most had fields you could see all the way thru the turns.
I didn't help any farmers lows there fields this trip.
Near the beginning of the ride, we also went down that same road where in spring of 2017, I ended up downing a stoppie into to some trees and ended up in the woods! Didn't happen this year.

Also- I like the fact the fact that outside of my God forsaken county, they sell premium gas with NO ethanol!
With the tune my ECU has, it runs OK on the 10% Ethanol mix premium,
But holy shit! It runs SOooo much better on the non ethanol stuff! Valve train is quieter, throttle responxe way more crisp, front wheel comes up way easier, etc.
Too Bad this tank will run out soon and I'll be back to the mixed crap!

I snapped a few pics only of some interesting bikes, but I only want to post this one.

The RG500?

I looked in the fairing at the motor, since it had 4 expansion chambers coming out. I was kinda puzzled- (OK, no wisecracks you guys) at the engine layout.
I looked it up:
Like its GP forebearers, the road-going RG was powered by a naturally aspirated, rotary-valve inducted, twin crank square four two-stroke engine displacing some 498 cc. This engine employed thermostatically controlled liquid-cooling by means of a front-mounted radiator.

A square 4 engine? That's what it looked like looking in there

Here a Wikipedia on it:

There were literally 1000's of bikes, all makes, models, genres, one offs, etc.

Awesome Day!
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