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Honda develops World’s first commercial motorcycle airbag

Japanese auto maker Honda has unveiled the world’s first production motorcycle airbag system. The new technology will be made available on the new Gold Wing motorcycle scheduled for release in late spring of 2006 in the US.

13 Sep 2005, 09:50 GMT - By conducting extensive crash tests at its indoor omni-directional Real World Crash Test Facility and applying advanced computer simulation technology, Honda has gathered and analyzed a wide array of data on the behavior of motorcycles during collisions in order to develop the new technology.

The Motorcycle Airbag System is comprised of the airbag module, which includes the airbag and the inflator; crash sensors, which monitor acceleration changes; and an ECU, which performs calculations to instantly determine when a collision is occurring.

When a severe frontal collision occurs, the four crash sensors mounted on the front fork measure the change in acceleration caused by the impact and convey this data to the airbag ECU, which determines that a collision is occurring and whether or not it is necessary to inflate the airbag. If the calculations performed by the ECU indicate that airbag deployment is necessary, the ECU sends an electronic signal to the airbag inflator, which instantaneously responds by inflating the airbag.

Officials from Honda said that the company plans to extend the technology to Gold Wings in Europe and Japan and to other motorcycle models in the future but did not say how much the technology would cost.
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