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So I have just bought a GSR750 which has very similar upside down forks and the GSXR.
I have noticed oil leaking from the bottom of one fork, I initially thought for seals have gone but it is not. When I pump the forks up and down I can see the oil coming from the very bottom of the shaft where it joins with the bottom casting.
There is a small grub screw which I pulled up tight which made the leak worse, I slackened it off again which has slowed the leak again.
Looking at the exploded drawing there is no details of how it is joined together or if there is an O ring or anything in there.
Has anyone else had the same issue or had their forks apart and knows if this can be fixed?


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The fork tube is screwed into the aluminum "foot" and the grub screw keeps it from coming loose.

Search for "changing fork tubes" or something like that on youtube and it will show you how it is done.

I don't remember if there is an o-ring or thread sealant is used. A suspension shop will also have the answer.

Suzuki does not show a breakdown as these usually never have to come apart.
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