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Fuel injectors not firing GSXR L5

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Hello all,
Any help is greatly appreciated!

I have replaced the fuel pump, fuel strainer, and all the O-Rings that go with the pump. I have replaced all that because the bike kind of sounded like it was misfiring at low rpms. Change plugs and it still sounded the same at low rpms.
Prior to replacing the fuel pump the bike ran. As of now fuel is getting to the rail, but none past the injectors.
I have tested each injector connection and 10v at all. Tested the injectors for resistance and approximately 13 ohms at each.
No fault codes are present. In need of help before I take the fuel rail off and clean the injectors.
Battery has also been charged off the bike via 12v stand alone charger and voltage is good but CCAs are low.

Thanks in advance.
2015 gsxr L5
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Throw more money at it.

Did you even test the fuel system before you replaced all that?
I would like to throw money at it if I’m throwing it at the right fault lol but yes I did test the fuel pump before changing. I tested it by priming it about 4 times. It didn’t have a steady stream like it does now with the new pump and strainer.
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