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hello everyone. i have a 07 k7 600. it has 11k miles on it and has just a few mods........K&N, Jardine GP1, and a Dynojet Power commander. bout a month ago i was rolling into 1st gear pretty hard.........actually was chopping the throttle to power up a wheelie, once i put it back down, stayed in the gas and around 13k it fell on its face, grabbed second gear and it did the same thing. The FI code came up on the HUD and the red light started flashing. turned the bike off and restarted it and it did the same thing. Under normal riding it doesn't do this, just when I get on it and get up to higher RPM's. I have since run and full system cleaner through it, checked the plugs, pulled the fuel pump and cleaned it thourghouly and checked all my connections for the power commander to make sure everything was hooked up correctly.......nothing helped. I purchased a used fuel pump off of ebay and replaced it, this didn't help either. the only other thing I can think of is that the fuel pressure regulater has gone bad. Haven't checked it yet, besides that don't know what to do. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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