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My first post, been meaning to get around to making a "whats up" related post, but I'm lazy. So heres my whats up :) .

I guess I should get some pics of my bike and post them up before you guys start flaming me.

Anyhow, to the topic..

I recently picked up a 2004 gsx-r 600. The previous owner had shaved the seats insides down a bit, to lower the seat height (he was 5'3).

I'm 6'3, and 220, and my ass hurts on this bike after about 2 hours. I need a big fat seat for my cushy ass.

Any suggestions? Money isn't that big of a deal, I'll spend a good bit for a nice seat. I found a corbinseat site, 270~ for the seat, anyone seen these, or know anything?

Thanks in advance. :)

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welcome eric

you might consider taking the shaved seat to someone that can replace the foam or redo the seat to your liking. i have a gel seat on mine thats a bit more comfy then the stocker. after two hours regardless my ass gets a bit sore, but after two hours its about time to fuel up anyway :thumbup:
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