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:headscrathin I have a gsx-r750 1996 ,import.iv put new plugs in her iv had carbs off and cleened all jets checked choke plunges.check all wire conections to be clean and fastenend properly.all this has been done because of the fault im getting ie- when i first start bike from cold can take a bit of starting if you pull choke out all the way she dont like it but all so when you leav her ticking over long enough for the fan to cut in about 10 seconds after the fan has swiched off,the bike just cuts out and wont start till she cools down more.temp reaches 230 yes this is high but its import bike so reads diffrent.-faranite -centregrade. please can some one help as im at wits end trying to find out the problem,just want to be on open road with her. thanks.......
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