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email me at [email protected]
I have a 1988 Gsxr 1100 in need of the following parts I have the bike stripped down to pretty much frame engine and rear wheel.
Front fork assembly
front anti dive
front brake disks
right handle bar
throtle linkage
front wheel and tire?
right engine cover that covers the oil regulator thing
oil regulator
left and right drivers foot pegs
rear brake foot leaver
right hand controls on handle bar

those are the main parts im a newbie when it comes to buildin bikes but im not to picky I just want a machine half as good as it was before. I'm gona leave it naked and basicaly make it a chopper so if it doesnt need it my bike wont have it. I think I can reuse alot of the parts such as gas tank, seat and brake callipers they only sufferd scratches and nothing a quick weld couldn't fix.

yada yada blah blah,
I bought a 1988 gsx-r 1100 for my first bike(other then my 80cc dirt bike 10 years ago). I am 19, live in canada. I had insurance and a learners motorcycle license but at the time of my accident the rules for motorcycle learners was that you can't drive at night or with a passanger or in a zone with a speed limit greater then 80km/h. August 14 this year I nailed the back left of a 2000 dodge caravan did $6000 damage to it. I did it on a double lane highway with a 110 km speed limit. So the company refuses to insure me and is sueing me for the damages done to the van. On September 15 I get a letter from my insurance company telling me that the highway rule has changed and you can now drive anywhere within 100 km of your adress. Thats rough considering I droped outa high school to persue my interests with cars, wasn't till somone totaled my 1979 5.0 litre Mustang that I bought a bike. I had a leather jacket and full face helmet on, which saved my life. No gloves and just jeens my right hand will probably never fully recover theres a bone sticking out the top, and my left knee is worse its still swollen 2 months later still in scabs. Can't wait to get rolen again.
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