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good I have a gsxr 600 model 2008 has 8 injectors I have a power commander 3 a module ignition ref 639 and the quicshifter the problem is that the quickshifter does not work for me after 10 thousand revolutions upwards I recently bought the x rend and updated the 2 modules the power commander 3 to its latest version and the ignition module to its latest version and it does not work after 10 thousand rpm I connect the pc3 to the computer and it recognizes me the ignition module appears a table in values 0 and the module of On is always a red light, look at some videos and they say that when you turn on the motorcycle it turns green, everything is perfectly connected since the motorcycle works without problem, so my questions how do I make the quickshifter work for me after 10 thousand rpm, or there to activate the ignition module with a program? or a program or software for it, thank you very much for your prompt responses, I hope your help on this issue since I am from the country of Colombia and here I have not found anyone who knows about it, I would be happy that my quickshifter worked without problems, sorry for my English I use Google translator or what tests can I do to see if the ignition module is working? another question I can't find maps for gsxr 600 08 for power commander 3 on the dynojet dinde page, can I get them? Thanks a lot
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