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should i use 95 or 98 for my GSXR 600 K9?
I mean obviously 98 is "better" but does it really make the difference or is it worth it?
95 RON is 'OK'.

Different countries use different octane ratings, so it might not mean the same thing in your/other countries.

In EU generally it's RON. In USA it's generally AKI, which is given a value about 5 points lower than RON.

93 (AKI) in USA is 98 (RON) in UK.

What is more important is what's in it. The higher ratings tend to have less ethanol. I put in the 99 RON from Tesco which is 'said' to be ethanol free. There are a couple of brands in UK where the 98/99 are ethanol free.

I topped mine up for its winter layover with the Tesco stuff, and, subjectively, it ran better.

When I first got it I ran 98/99 but the station I went to ran out so I just used 'regular' 95 and it seemed OK so I kept using it, but now I went back, I think it is 'not unhelpful' so I think I'll stick with it again.
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