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So a few of us went for a ride on some fun back roads up in the hills where we live. We hit some bad turns with leaves and gravel and decided to slow down a bit. As we came to a particularly bad one i slowed way down. I misjudged it and didn't release the brake before my front tire hit the gravel. I lowsided shattering my right slider. The bike went in the ditch and i hit a tree at 20-25 mph. I was wearing my helmet, gloves, jeans and an armored jacket. Other than some rash on my legs and a sore shoulder and hip from the road and the tree (not sure which hit which) i am fine.

The bike was not fine. It's an 07 750 btw. Windscreen, front fairing, all plastics on right side, the entire tail, scratched the exhaust heat shield and broke the rear brake pedal. Amazingly the frame doesn't have a scratch on it, same for the whole left side.

With a little help from ebay i have it back together and ready to go. Now if i can just get my son off of it.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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