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I've not found any heated gloves that fit me, and it's still cold out, so I was considering if there were any aerodynamic handlebar guards that might fit the GSXR.

OK, OK, that might sound silly on a sports bike, they are for trailies and nakeds, right? Well, I have considered this before and for high speed aerodynamics surely this sort of thing is even more important than on other sorts of bikes, right?

But are there any that fit?

Has anyone here come up with some solution?

Obviously the key thing is whether they fit when you are on lock, here are the dimensions of my bike, with the ASV levers.

Automotive tire Hood Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Guitar accessory

Not much space.

I've looked for 'adjustable' handle guards, as that's going to be tight one way or another, or even that once the bars are unlocked I could push the guards forward a bit.

The only thing I have found are these.

Sunglasses Goggles Input device Peripheral Cable

What do you think? I'm just thinking out loud here, but be keen to know if anyone has done this already.

I could just not bother, but curious to see how this might work out.

These have indicators in too, so I suppose I could cut out the mirrors and replace those with something smaller and more aerodynamic too? The only snags for trying them are that they add to the width of the bike and not sure on price seeing as there is only a small chance of them being any good.
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