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He may not be checking in on that post- from 6 yrs ago.

Hell, while we're here, I answer the post title question!

How bad is it to bounce off the rev limiter?
Bad? Hell no, it's good!
Well, if you just start it up, and while in neutral, immediately take it up to the rev limiter and leave it there until you get it warmed up.
And it really gets people in cages attention when if you are angry or mad at them, to bounce it off the rev limiter repeatedly- that'll show 'em not to mess with you.
And while you riding and wrapping out a gear, wait until it hits the limiter before you shift- you want to get everything out of it in that gear.
And when you show up for a ride w/ your homies, repeatedly bounce off the limiter when you pull up to the group. The longer you do it, you'll know they think you are the coolest.

I do hope that most all of you do know that I was totally kidding with these comments.?
61 - 63 of 63 Posts