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Hi Sodhi, thanks for your interest. There's a couple of things you should probably do before you start. I recommend making a list of everything you'll need (which I'll list later) and then pricing everything out so you know exactly what you're getting into for starters.
This is not an easy project you could pump out over a weekend, so set aside some time for your project to be completed correctly. If something doesn't fit, don't force it to fit. Instead, take a break and think about how you could make it work safely. Last thing you want is to be riding one weekend with your buddies and one of your side fairings fall off due to an unsecured bracket, or a shady weld job completed by the corner welding shop to save a few bucks or time.
Now, for the good stuff! Each of these items have numerous amounts of options, so i recommend sticking with a theme and choosing wisely. Starting with the front:

•Front upper stay bracket (cut the tab on the rear side to fit).
•Air intake ducts.
•Front fairing.
•Mirrors (optional depending on your state laws).
•Upper inner fairing trim (included in most fairing kits).
•Left & Right inner fairing trim (included in most fairing kits).
•Front lower center V fairing (included in most fairing kits).
•Side fairings.
•Brackets (make a wise choice when choosing the type, thickness, and width. Will need to bend metal to correct shape for proper fitting, then drill holes for c-clips).
•C-clips (for bolting the fairings on the brackets. Be sure to get the right size for the different size hex bolts).
•Push clips
•Rear Fairing
•Rear cowl
•Rear seat (optional)
•Subframe battery tray
•Integrated taillight (recommended)

On my bike, I used the 2000 subframe and made about 16 cuts and re-welds after measuring, re-measuring, then measuring again. Made the cut short on purpose to see how much extra I needed to cut. I can't stress how important it is to check your measurements and take your time!! I would recommend bringing the subframe, rear fairing, and cowl to a custom bike shop that can weld aluminum and back up their work. Just explain what you want done and they should be able to help.
After getting the rear to fit on the subframe, I was able to use the 2000 seat and tank which match perfectly to the frame. My advise to you would be start with the front and work your way back.. The front bolted up nice and smooth, bolted the side fairings to the front, then worked on the brackets supporting the lower portion with a few 2x4's.
Also, I left my instrument cluster on the bike. I didn't really see the need in changing it. Besides, I really dig the hybrid look!
I hope this report helps you out! Just remember, take your time and do it right the first time to eliminate headaches in the future. I'll help you out any way I can. Good luck on your project!

Best Regards,

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first off, great looking bike! Im currently running a k2 600 and was looking into doing the k5 tail swap until i thought more about it and decided to do the whole swap. Ive seen a few guys do just the headlight fairing and match the existing side fairings to the new upper but I can get the complete fairing set relatively cheap so im glad I found this thread. I have a few questions for you, did you buy k5 air ducts? how well did the sides line up with the new fairings and what did you do about the wiring... I know this is a bit old but Id appreciate the help if you had a chance, thx

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I know this is a older thread been a few years. Anyways this is the only one that provides the most information. I have a K2 600 and im trying to do a front fairing swap to 2004/5 fairing just like you did. i only want to do the front fairing and sides only if needed.

I have
-The headlight
-all fairings
-air ducts
-and stay faring

other that cutting the tab off the stay faring is there any other little modifications that need to be done to just fit the front, im just looking for some more info before i start my project.


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Hi im new here but hoping for help does anyone know what other bikes year and size would fit my 2005 gsx r1000 that would bolt straight up any help would be truly appropriated thank you
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