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July 2018 Bike of the Month Entry Thread​

Put the bikes in this thread. Let's have something that isn't as ugly as last month's winner.

These are the RULES

A photo hosting site is required to store your pictures and to use for submission. Users have had some success with imgur. After you upload a photo just click on the photo and it gives you posting html. You just select "BBcode" and it's a direct copy paste to post here. (big thanks to @Racerxxxgsxr1000 for the info)
Apparently Photobucket is requiring $$$$ now.

Your bike will not be posted in the Voting thread without hosted picture links. Do not use the forum upload utility.

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Birth: she was born in late 2008
Model: super model with R
Eng size: not to big not too small but tight
Pipe:yoshi r55 the sound is amazing
Seat: sorry no seat belt
Wheels: they are round
Accessories/other mods:scoprio alarm i500
And the story:she is a slut and i love it馃槑


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I am going to assume, she's a 750? Also, it looks like you might be in the Bradley Illinois area? A couple of the landmarks in the back ground look familiar. (and I don't mean the ones with the city sky line, lol) Anyway, very nice looking bike you have there...

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Be sure to include the following information with your submission and pics: K
Year: 2007
Model: Gsxr 1000
Eng size:???
Pipe:Brocks Performance
Seat:Catalyst Racing Composites (Meh)
Accessories/other mods:$$$$
And the story:Fast NOT Fiction.... I've had a lot of fun on this bike... The purest have vomit in the back of their throat right now...

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