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June Bike of the Month Submission Thread

Welcome to the June bike of the month submission thread. Since you have all been riding and taking pictures of your rides (Dragon Crew) I expect some entries this month.

These are the RULES

A photobucket account or similar is required to store your pictures and to use for submission. This is the link to Photobucket

Your bike will not be posted in the Voting thread without hosted picture links.

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I'm not gonna enter against no one ... that'd be almost as fun as racing a kawi ;)

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Dont worry its only the fuckin TWENTIETH day of the month. They will enter soon.

I guess no one has a sweet bike. We will have to join GDC or Honda forums I guess.

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Dont worry its only the fuckin TWENTIETH day of the month. They will enter soon.

I guess no one has a sweet bike. We will have to join GDC or Honda forums I guess.
Join them and see how many dragon meets they have :lol:

So since ur going to honda, I'll be taking that k5 off ur hands :D

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Go #2! If at first you don't succeed, annoy the piss out of 'em!

I bought her last year with 7k miles and now she's at 15k. Kinda staggering that I don't remember riding that much, I swear she's not sprocketed!

Mods include:

Yoshimura TRC Slip-On
K&N Air and Oil Filter
Dano's Performance ECU Flash(TRE, Tune, Removed Top Speed Limiter)

Shorty Brake/Clutch levers
Custom Powdercoated Fairings, Rearsets, Wheels, Levers
Fender Eliminator
R1 Throttle Tube Mod
Rear Solo Seat Cowl
SET Valve Delete

I had the red seat on it but I prefer the black now. Realized I had too much red in there...

Thanks for Looking!


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2006 GsxR 1000 aka my nightmare bike

Bought her 100% stock with 99 issues and 98 striped bolts. It's been a long road to recovery with her but I can honestly say out of all the bikes I've ever had, this is my all time favorite. I love everything about my bike and feel like she's finally starting to love me back. There's still a lot of work to do and hopefully next winter I'll be pulling my motor out again for the turbo build. I have a complete k03 turbo kit that's been collecting dust because I refuse to run boost on stock internals. My plan is to run an aem live tune which will allow me to run boost by gear. Im looking at running a max psi of about 13-14lbs. Im building her for a daily rider that's also about 300hp and boosted to sh!t ... she'll be going after zx14s at the drag strip

For those who don't know, all my powdercoated parts were done by a good friend of mine who passed away last year before we could finish. We were going to powdercoat my frame red and ceramic coat my turbo parts and head and block black. I have officially dedicated my bike to him and hope he can look down and see her when she's finally finished.

Id also just like to thank all the haters globally. Without yall, none of this would be possible.

Sooo without further ado ...

It'll be easiest to break down my mods by color from front to back ...


Matte black paint job
spike kit
Gsxr front brake reservoir cap
smoked hot bodies led blinker mirror block offs
Crg rc2 levers
Motion pro revolver throttle mod with mp kill switch
Pro bolts ... pro bolts everywhere
Shogun no cut frame sliders
Painted sides to radiator
Gsxr engraved stator cover
Spiked oil cap
Vortex rear sets
530 ek chain
Vortex sprockets (-1/+2)
Powdercoated rear brake rotor
Evil swingarms chain guard
Steel braided brake lines
Smoked led blinkers and taillight


Powdercoated lips of my rims
" front brake rotors
" upper triple tree (not installed yet, it's set up to mount my boost and afr pods)
" gas cap
" subframe
" evil swingarms 14 over swingarm
" rear brake reservoir cap
" pass foot brackets
" rear set shift linkage
" evil logo in chain guard

Other mods:

Head port and polish, block resurfaced, rc performance head gasket, drag pak clutches, new oem cam chain and back to oem cct (may try the ape again with blue's advise), k&n air and oil filters, megaphone exhaust, Speedo healer, 90° valve stems, invisible balance beads (that I'll never buy again), decepticons sticker (+5hp), shinko hook up rear tire, Mobil 1 synthetic oil (changed almost every thousand miles), adjustable lowering links ... I'll edit forgotten stuff in

Hopefully not too distant future plans to finally finish her:

Respray to a matte red and black scheme
Woosner or wiseco turbo grade pistons, rods and rings
Ape worked crank shaft and head studs
Aem live tune (will be selling my 2 power commanders for it)
Ohlins front forks and rear shock
Front strap
Stomp grip tank pads
Back up camera
Install my K03 turbo kit!!!!!!!


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Congrats on the June BOTM win ET! Bringing a gun to a knife :p
Can't say that ... being long and low knocks me down close to kawi levels with some membeRs :lol:

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Meet Track Bait

Hi All. Okay so let's try again. Naturally I think she's the bees knees.

2005 Suzuki GSX-R 1000 k5
Akrapovic exhaust

Since I purchased her, I have done the following:

1st thing was a new clutch kit as clutch was slipping when I bought her.
Replaced screen with original - better viewing for videos and looks nicer imo.
Dyno tuned with Woolich Racing Software. Base map loaded and then tuned on dyno. Result 170 hp.
HM Plus quickshifter, stock air filter and fuel filter was also installed.
Rim decals added.
Cowl also added.
2 light covers - 1 yellow for street riding and 1 black for track.
Upgraded brakes by replacing discs, braided hoses, Motul RBF660 brake fluid, R1 Big Bang Brembo Master Cylinder, R6 monoblok calipers.
When I do oil changes I use a new Suzuki OEM oil filter and Fuchs Full Synthetic Engine Oil.

I have had my fair share of trouble thanks to a stone whacking my radiator on a high speed run - had to have radiator repaired. Had the small pipe at top of waterpump break when I was doing 260 down back straight of our local race track (wasn't fun trying to stop the bike then as back wheel had no traction!!). Also on track I had a guy try overtake me Iannone style and took off my mirror, almost sent me into the dirt at 165km/h. In the end we have managed to get a long quite well, me and my k5 that is. She's super reliable and strong. Gets lots of attention and it feels great on track to show all the guys with newer, "faster" and more expensive bikes what real performance with no riding aids can do.

These are new pics I haven't posted, no use putting older pics added in previous threads. Unless admin requests that I link those too.

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