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Hi guys first post so hope im not asking too much, ok so iv got a GSXR 600 K1 and last year the chain came of and went through my engine, iv finally got round to replacing the engine, radiator, water pump, crank case and pannles. I put it all together and i got a F1 light and CHEC so i went and bought a new battery. Put battery on bike after been charged CHEC gone, F1 still presant and now electrics work except i cant turn the alarm/immobaliser off (its a thatcham cat 1 datatool) so i phone a local bike shop and the guy tells me how to take immobiliser of the bike to reset the battery inside.
After all of this my bike still wont start, when i try to start the ignition i hear nothing, so then i try the paper clip trick and i get c100, still baffled i try to bump it of and i got a little rumble out off the engine.
Iv checked all connectors and fuses, the next thing on my list is to try a new fuel line.
Has any one come across this before or have any ideas as to what i can try, any help would be greatly appreciated.
thanks for reading
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