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K6 1000 engine squealing

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Hi guys

Suddenly the engine after the rebuild squeels when cold,have done so far about 1200 Miles and no issue,now it does, have opened the engine and got this..please help
Has new engine bearings,thrust washer,cam chain,cam tensioner,valve seals,piston rings
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Hi man
Checked it... within range,this is a used engine I thought same...but why squealing after that mileage? Worst crap should be fresh on not after doing over 1k miles, will update soon after doing other plasti run after fully cleaning seals and oil

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Hi guys

Yes before pulling I used the estetoscope to hear, the squeal is only in cold and would even stall the engine, once warm no problem and the weird power loss

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Have cleaned the casings for now...might also pull the head...if don't have to better...saves me a headgasket
Measurements are ok with the plasti,the thrust bearing are also fine,no marks on crank

I'm using the schnitz uprated oil gear and releaf valve,also a flo reusable oil filter now

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