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I picked up a set of front and rear Spiegler SS lines for $30 with no hardware. Just the lines. Rear installed just fine.

The front lines are the type with no crossover. Double banjo from the master to the calipers. Since I didn't have any hardware, I was hoping that I could use the double banjo bolt from the right caliper and relocate it to the master cylinder, then move the master cylinder bolt to the right caliper. I have them installed, but haven't bled the fronts yet because I ran out of brake fluid doing everything else, so I don't know if that setup works or not. Is this what they ask you to do, or do they supply you with new banjos, rubber mounts, etc etc?

I'd like to know how they're "properly" routed. I'll take pictures of how I have mine routed right now, but I'd like to see some of yours! Please?

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