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Hey there.
I've recently put the K9 1000 'monoblocks' calipers on my K51000. I was using the K5 MC- I think is 19mm. It was OK. I then got a K9 MC- 17mm. It seems to stop about the same.

It bothers me b/c there is a LOT of play before it 'bites' Like more than that picture of your zip tie.
When it does, it stops fine. Yes, I can lift the rear if I want to too.
It never hits the bar, but with gloves on and my last 2 fingers on the bar- it touches my finger when braking.
Yes, I've tracked it too this last season.

I didn't rebuild any of these used components, just stuck them on.
I have a nice MC rebuild kit- winter project.
I'm pretty sure I'm also going to get some kits and rebuild the calipers too.
I have messed with them and sprayed silicone on the pistons, etc.
They were sticking badly when I first put the calipers on.

I'm using the EBC HH sintered pads. I like them and they seem to last a long time too.

SO OP, your ?, is this typical? For me it seems to be, slightly different set up it seems though.
And yes, I've bled them every which way till Sunday too!
If you pump the lever, it doesn't tighten up- like it often does if there's air in it.

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