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2004 GSXR 600, 1992 GSXR 750, 1983 XN85 Turbo & some Euro bikes
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I just picked up the helmet above from eBay seller forzasbk out of York, PA. Price was great at $139 deliver to my doorstep. The dark smoke shield was only another $28 delivered.

I’m a rabid race fan and have seen KYT helmets on a number of Moto2 and Moto3 racers. In MotoGP Aleix Espargaro wears one and as he’s been consistently in the front 3 this year KYT’s logo has been splashed all over my TV.

Not that this hasn’t been the case before. Leopard Moto3 riders have worn KYT helmets for the last several seasons. Lorenzo Dallaporta and now Dennis Foggia both wear/wore KYTs.

I’d had my eye on a Dallaporta replica from a European helmet outlet but didn’t want to drop a few hundred bucks on a helmet I had no real info on. Finding forzasbk made a difference as they’re US based and accept returns.

The purchase:
I ordered late on a Friday, paid through PayPal, received a confirmation and an expected delivery date. Then on Monday I got a shipping confirmation and a tracking number. The helmet was on my doorstep on Friday.

Easy. Never needed to contact forzasbk but it seems they are professional and execute well. I highly recommend them based on my trouble free experience with them.

The helmet:
When I unboxed the helmet, the first impression was it is quite light. If I had to compare I’d guess it is with in 2-300 grams of my lightest X-Lite.

That helmet is nearly a full pound lighter than my Arai Corsair for a real gold standard comparison. One of my oldest riding buddies was similarly impressed with how light it is.

Finish and matériels seems of fairly high quality, at least as good as you’d expect for a sub $200 helmet. Better really, If I’m honest. Certainly doesn’t feel or look cheap.

Fit is very comfortable with my only issue being the ear cups are very small. It felt like the bottom of the ear cup was pressing on my ear lobes. This has gone away over the last couple of weeks of use.

I normally wear a medium except in Arai, in which I can wear a small and AGV. They make a Med/Small and a Med/Large. I fit the Med/Small the best. The KYT is medium.

The strap system is a conventional double D ring affair with a pull tab to loosen the strap for removal and a snap on the end to secure it.

The shield:
This is my only real knock for this helmet. The shield itself is excellent and is optically clear without distortion. It has several ratchet positions when opened but below the lowest position

it has a seamless positioning so it can be cracked open in any desired position. There is also a shield lock to keep it closed when you do a head check when changing lanes at speed. The shield can also rest on top of the latch to demist without a blast of air in the face. Also, the dark shield at least has both tear off posts on the outside as well as pin lock posts inside.

Where it absolutely sucks is when it comes time to install a new shield. It took me probably 20 minutes to get it changed. Removal was not a big deal. Installation, even reading the instructions was monumental.

After fighting with it for 10 minutes, my wife fought with it for another 10. She even read the instructions while I was fighting with the shield. She gave up and handed it back to me.

Literally walked out and got a beer and sat down in front of my TV to fiddle with it. After another 10 minutes I finally got one side on. It took another couple of minutes before I got the other side on.

If you live where you have frequent need to swap your shield, I recommend another helmet. During the summer here, it isn’t an issue but from September to May I have to ride to work with a clear shield and swap to a dark smoke for my afternoon ride home.

So what’s it like on the bike? On the Yellow Submarine it’s excellent. It’s quiet, super quiet even. It’s aerodynamically stable and doesn’t buffet. No wind noise. Doing a head check doesn’t feel like it’s gonna get ripped off my head.

Venting is great. No hot spots nor a stuffy feeling with the shield down. I didn’t use the lock yet and didn’t have the shield flip open doing a head check.

The experience aboard my Aprilia Mille R was slightly different as one might expect. There was a little more turbulence but it didn’t affect the helmet. There was a bit of wind noise when I turned my head changing lanes or just looking in a mirror. Overall though, much the same.

All I can think of for now. I’ll update as I get more experience with this helmet.

2004 GSXR 600, 1992 GSXR 750, 1983 XN85 Turbo & some Euro bikes
117 Posts
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I dunno if these will be good for someone who fits a long oval helmet. I have to guess not.

The only companies that make a long oval helmet, at least as they themselves describe them as such are Arai and LS2.

Arai Signet is a long oval fit. Probably 90% of LS2 helmets are long oval fit. I dunno why they went that route and don’t make more round or intermediate oval models.

Also as you’re well aware, Arai means big $$$ and they don’t make an internal sun visor helmet.

For anyone else in the same predicament or simply for reference I’m an intermediate oval fit. The KYT TT Course helmet this thread reviews fits my intermediate oval dome pretty much perfectly.
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