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Just got my daughters 2002 GSXR-600 Telefonica back from the police (9 months after it was stolen). The folks that took it got popped w/ a search warrant and are on the line for about 8 counts of Grand Theft. Her bike was one of them.

Now I must go about the tasks of trying to restore it to pre-theft condition. They really messed it up. Tried to make it not look like a Telefonica by removing most of the factory decals and adding a bunch of stupid ones.

One of the items I need is a replacement lock set. The pulled the ignition and gas cap locks, and broke the trunk lock. I've been looking around the internet and on ebay for something suitable. Based on the pics, it would appear that many of the lock set parts between models/years might be interchangeable. The biggest difference I see is the trunk lock item (lock, bracket, cable, latch).

Anybody have any knowledge/info on what other years/models would work. If all I have to do is replace the actual lock in the trunk assembly, I'm fine with (say) using the set that's advertised for a Hyabusa, if the Gas cap and ignition will work okay.

Anyone have any other ideas?


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