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Had my Suzuki (2000 GSX-R 750) out for an awesome track weekend at the Shanghai International Circuit (F-1 Circuit).
Everything went well till Sunday afternoon, when my ride was interrupted by big noises coming from the chain.
The sprocket-drum had given way and went its own way, damaging the rear fork in the process.
Taking the wheel out resulted in all bits and pieces falling out, the bearing, the rubbers, everything is broken and needs replacement.

Now I got a problem, the wheels are from Marchesini, including the drum. So I need original parts from Marchesini.
Big bikes in China are not allowed, we don't have dealers for anything here, so I got to ship it anyway.
I have sent a e-mail to Marchesini this morning, but their website lists nothing on parts and I am afraid it might take a long time.

Is there anyone who knows of agent or dealer who carries stock for these older wheels and might have these parts in stock for shipping?
Any advise is much welcome, thanks in advance!

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