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This is it! This is your chance! Let your voice be heard! With all of the chaos in other not as important elections in the US you can do your part by choosing who will be... MAY BIKE OF THE MONTH (loud echo).

For the entrants: If your bike isn't in the voting thread review the rules and identify the step you skipped, then reenter

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Hey guys! I was honestly nervous to do a BOTM post but I'll go ahead and see what y'all think!

Bought her in May of 2015 from a private owner after a dealership, via negligence, destroyed my 2001 R6 (didn't replace the recalled front sprocket nut even though they said they did and it backed off the threads, cracking my engine case).

The GSXR was chrome wheeled, lowered, and not to my taste but the deal was good.

Since then I've put about 5000 miles on her and made her mine but obviously once you're bitten by the mod bug you can't stop so she's not 100% perfect yet.

2007 Suzuki GSXR600
Yoshimura TRC Slip On
K&N Air Filter
Rear Cowl
Shorty Levers
R1 Throttle Tube
OEM dog bones
Custom painted/powdercoated wheels, rearsets, S fairing, and clutch/brake levers

Here's the Photoshop rendition:

And here's the result:


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I'm almost done with my bike, but I'll add my submission anyways. I'm adding the Brembo GP4-RX calipers with the Brembo HP rotors this week. That should finally complete it.

Purchased this from a good friend of mine who no longer rides just this past December. I decided to use this for track only having coming back from a 4 year break due to a baby. I was fortunate to have met a racer who happened to be parting out his bike with all top shelf parts. Here's my list of mods:

- Woodcraft keyless ignition
- Woodcraft stator cover
- Woodcraft clutch cover
- Motion pro quick turn throttle
- TechSpec3 tank pad
- Removed light switch
- Lightech rearsets
- Yoshimura R7 full system
- Velocity stacks
- Ohlins TTX36
- Ohlins 25mm cartridge
- Ohlins steering damper
- R6 Monblock brake calipers
- Bazazz fuel management, traction control, and quick shifter with handle bar control
- Marchesini aluminum forged 10 spoke
- Brembo RCS19
- Brembo Clutch lever

I'm probably a slow A, fast B pace rider at this point since I'm just getting back to doing trackdays. I am in no way riding to the potential of all the bling parts I have, but I don't care. I just love wrenching on my bike and building it the way I like it. It's so therapeutic to work on my bike and I take joy in doing that as well as riding it.


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Here she is gents and ladies. This is my girl , I love her very much . She makes happy and gives me a smile every time I see her. When I'm away from her for long periods I time I find my self greeting her. Yes, she is a machine but I swear this one has a soul. Some may think I screwed up by buying aftermarket parts because she a limited edition , however she is mine and money won't separate us. I know a few of these have gone down already , I wonder how many are left ?

She is an L1 GSXR 750 Yoshimura Edition, #2 to be exact .


-CRG clutch perch/lever

-Brembo RCS/ Brembo reservoir

-Coremoto SS brake lines F/R

-Cox radiator guard

-Galfer wave rotors F/R

-Carbone Lorraine F/R pads

- Yosh axel blocks

-Yosh bar ends

-Yosh case savers

-Yosh chassis protectors

-Yosh oil plug

-Yosh crank inspector plug

-Yosh TDC inspector plug

-Yosh engine plug kit

-Yosh fender eliminator

-Yosh race stand stoppers

-Yosh muffler bracket

-passenger pegs delete

-Yosh steering nut

-Vortex rear stands

-BMC filter

-woolich racing log box/auto tune

-suspension tuned for my weight

-Dunlop Q3s

-Rim tape ( easy best mod, 10 instant hp!!)

-Yosh R77 full exhaust

-key port V2

-puig double bubble

-special edition paint

-Stompgrip tank pads

-saddleman gel seat


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Morning All. Here's my k5 1000 while we had breakfast the one morning. In the background is the beach, ocean and Table Mountain.

"Table Mountain is one of the most well known features of Cape Town and has just been declared one of the seven natural wonders of the world." - July 2015.

Table Mountain is also on the list of the 7 Wonders of Nature.

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