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I've been doing the matchmaking for the runway event on the 29th at the Mojave Airport. We've got no 600 bike at all at the moment. It isn't right, so I'd like to get a 600.

The 600 would match up well with some of the cars we've got coming and you would have a stellar day. Guaranteed.

You'd need to be in the SoCal area and available all day on Friday. You also must have Full Coverage Riding Gear. This is a partial list of vehicles participating:

Viper 600HP
930-1100HP+ Viper '03
stock Busa
turbo 14, stock 14
stock 08 Busa
BMW K1200 camera
1100HP Supra
Busa Stock/Turbo/Valkyrie
Stock ZX14
busa camera mike
concours, ZX10, camera
M3 Camera
M3 Organizer
Busa Turbo
NO2 Busa

Vette 800HP - C6 Vette
1000HP Porsche 996TT - ZR1
Ariel Atom
Ford GT 650HP
Fort GT stock
C6 ZO6 modded -
C6 Z06 head cammed -
C5 Z06 402 supercharger
Ferrari F430 – stock
Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera

Nissan GTR
Kenny Bell Supercharger Mustang
Lamborghini 640
Porsche Carrera GT
Ferrari Scuderia
Stock C5
C6 Z06 402 TT 900HP
06' Yamaha R1

PM me as soon as possible if you are interested in knowing more. First one to commit, I can accommodate.
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