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Bike Night is an institution around Milwaukee, home of the H-D, and on Thursdays seasonally at the H-D Museum, they have bike night. I usually go about a block away, to the
Iron Horse Hotel, where they have a themed bike night on Thursdays too. Last night was Ducatti night.
Never seen so many Ducs at one place- including dealerships!

But we went over to the H-D museum also last night for a bit, live music, lots of Harleys, etc.

But I remember sitting on the back box of one of these when I was 8 years old and having a policeman drive me around slowly in the Texas State Fair Grounds on one of these:

It's a 1964 model- this was all original too

It's got:
- Throttle on LEFT hand grip
- left foot clutch
- Right hand shifter, with R-N-1-2-3

I'm thinking since the the shifter was on the Rt. that they put the throttle on the left.

It ran great and sounded really cool, it was pretty quiet

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Nice. My grandfather worked for the Bayonne PD for years maintaining their bikes and they had a bunch of the Servi Cars. He took me to the garage a few times and it was pretty amazing. I'm guessing this picture is from the late 60s.

On the police bike.jpg

He was also a Harley dealer before WWII.


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