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If you taped it and are yet to watch it- DON'T read on!

This morning like usual- I go to Fuel Cafe- on 5th street in The Brew City to watch live Moto GP on many Big screens, WITH former racers and many old salts, and a few younger people to and eat breakfast and watch, talk to friends, and go for a spirited ride afterwards.

Today was awesome.
Rossi was second on the pole to start, and even let briefly, before eventually dropping back to 4th. Another top 5 for VR!

Rins, on the Suzuki (Yea!) was in second spot most of the race, did pass MM at least once or twice,
BUT, on the last lap, he came out of his slipstream inside and managed to get about the length of a front wheel on MM at the finish!!!!

It was awesome. The entire groupp of about 2 dozen people in the Cafe (that was all that was there, they don't normally open that early unless there is a MOto GP race on!- anyways, the whole place broke into a roaring cheer when Rins beat MM!

I have to hand it to MM though, he has so many more points for the overall, and still gives it his all every time.

Nearly rides to the cafe for this, the GP race is at 0700 contral time.

I didn't talk to the owner of this brand new clean Binelli- engine looked like a 4 stroke too!

These are a few of the friends I watched with and then rode with this morning.

This is Rins onboard shot, I think it was that last corner just before he came inside of MM for the win!

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