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..and hopefully my last....

So yesterday i went for my weekend ride around the country...the mourning when i was inserting the key to the bike i realize the ignition part was a bit shaky....but was still attach to the i didn't took it seriously later that day i was going through some bumpy road.. in my country we would called it a "cart road"...anyhow minutes later i came to junction and was turning right..when i try to make the turn i realize my handle bar was not going in the direction i wanted it to go..and i was falling down to the right side of the bike..surprisingly i press the kill switch and tumble to the ground...the bike wasn`t damage due to the frame slider but my right legs kinda hurts..cause all the weight of the bike was on it...

the reason why i fell was that the ignition had broken off and was stuck in right side of the damper preventing the bike to turn right. ( I NEVER KNEW THE 2k7 GSXR 600 HAD A DAMPER UNTILL YESTERDAY...LOLOL)

anyway...i have to go and order a Top Upper Triple Clamp Tree for my bike now.. :headshake

I must say i learned my lesson...i should have taken the shaky ignition more seriously..and furthermore do a damm pre check on the bike before i go riding...i guess i learn the hard way :headshake:headshake
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