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Hi all

New member here, having done a grand total of two track days on my friend’s track bike I’ve taken the plunge and got myself a 1998 GSX-R600.

It’s been converted from road to track already (I’ve got the V5 and engine and frame numbers all match).
We had a really good poke about it when buying and other than not idling without the choke (it’s not been used for a couple of years), there doesn’t seem anything too major to fix. It actually fired up and ran better than I’d expected with a drop of fresh fuel, it had not been started for about two months.

I’m happy doing as much work as possible, it gives me something to tinker with over winter and I’m handy enough with the spanners having rebuilt several land rovers from the chassis up. I’d rather over service/check this thing given what I’m going to be doing with it, I’d rather be safe than sorry.

Before I first use it, I’m planning on doing the below list of stuff and could do with your collective advice around two main questions 1) is there anything else I should be considering before first run? 2) any common things with these bikes I should be aware of/check/improve etc.

1. Remove the fairings
2. New battery (it didn’t come with one) and a drop of fresh fuel.
3. Fire it up long enough to warm the oil
4. Once warm, oil & filter change.
5. Remove the tank, clean the carbs/jets.
6. Clean the spark plugs and replace if there is damage to the electrodes.
7. Air filter is K&N so I assume doesn’t need anything. Never had one before, but it doesn’t look dirty.
8. Fuel up and start it to tinker with idle speed to get it running/idling smoothly (on the fresh oil)
There were no rattles from the engine so I believe the cam chain is ok. Is it only the 750s that rattle like a train?

Once running smoothly:
1. Remove and clean brake calipers completely.
2. Check pad depth and replace if required (discs are all 4.5mm so are fine).
3. Completely replace brake fluid (and re-route the braided hoses that have been added since they are in a stupid place).
4. I’m trying to decide if it’s worth stripping the calipers and replacing all the seals too at this point. I’d like to, to be sure it’s all fine, but would welcome opinions. If yes, does anyone recommend a supplier for rebuild kits, seals etc (assuming pistons are fine).
5. Wheel bearings feel ok, but will give them a proper check and replace if required.

I don’t know how the suspension has been set front/rear so I’m going to wind everything all the way in, then back out to the stock settings in the workshop manual.

Ideally I’ll then find a chart for rider weight and wind on to whatever is recommended for a 95kgs fat fucker (I found a similar chart of settings for my cb1000r and it transformed the ride).

If not, I’ll use it as stock and find a suspension tuner at the track!
Depending on their advice I’ll send off the rear shock to get refurbished and change the fork oil/seals for fresh, but only after the first day test riding.

There are a couple of wee jobs that also need doing:
1. Either helicoil the stripped thread in the seat rail (for one side of the tank pivot mount), or get a replacement seat rail from eBay.
2. Make a wee bracket to hold the tail fairing on since the chap I bought it from couldn’t find it!
3. Fit a side stand kill switch, since it doesn’t have one and I don’t want to die.

That’s it. So basically I want to give it the service of all services and look forward to my first track day on it. I’m all about “it’s the rider not the bike“ so I don’t need £45k of Panigale to go out and have fun and improve my riding. I’m sure 100hp of 600 will be plenty if I get my skills high enough.

Given that I’ll be using the first track day as a test session for the bike rather than pushing to build my skill I’ll be going deliberately steady (and I’m in the novice group anyway), but any particular things to look for on first ride of it?

I’m welcome input and experience from other owners!

Thanks for reading this far!
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