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Old engine had a bad knock. I picked up a parts bike, had the engine running great while still in the ‘parts bike’ frame. Get the engine out of the parts bike and installed in the good frame. Start putting everything back together and I’m stuck with one plug left unconnected.
Kinda funny to get caught up on a plug after a swap, but dang do I want to be riding again.
All the lights, blinkers, dash work fine.
Only problem seems to be with the kill switch. Acts as it should in the ‘kill’ position, but fuel pumps/secondary butterflies won’t prime. Ignition works in the ‘on’ position but without the pump/butterflies ever priming.

I’m thinking it’s gotta be the plug, just where’s the other half.

(Also it’s an 03 engine swapped into an 03 frame so should be no problems with comparability)
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