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Hey guys im new to the bike scene an just brought a 2008 gsxr 600.
Bikes nice an runs good but the issue im having is no gears showing up, ive read other ads on here an it sounds like its the GPS, so ive looked under the seat an gone to do the dealer mode thing but for some reason mine wont come up 馃槙
Also i have these after market things under there, could that be effeting the gear display an stuff an also if anyone could please tell me what the purpose of these things are?
Any help would be great, thanks in advance!


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You have a couple of nice extras on the bike.

The Power Commander is a piggy back fuel tuning system which can be nice to have if other mods are done to the bike. (aftermarket exhaust, etc)

The quick shifter expansion module is so you can shift with high power and not have to use the clutch or blip the throttle. You should also have some type of unit on the shift rod between the foot shift lever and the engine shift lever.

One or the other is the reason you no longer have the gear position display. My guess is it is the QS as it uses the gear position to adjust the cut times during the shifts.

It's easiest thing is just to live with it. Many bikes don't have an indicator.

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dang you got about 800-1000 in extras just under the seat! Like John said, it's easier to just live without the gear indicator, you'll get used to counting or just go by feel after a while anyways. I wish I had all them extras on my bike, lucky you!
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