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If you have visited one of our stores, received a catalog or shopped in the last few months, there's no doubt that you've seen the new brands we're carrying. We wanted to take the time to introduce them and answer any questions you might have, so here is some info about the new BiLT and Sedici lines:

Cycle Gear is now carrying two new, exclusive brands: BiLT and Sedici. BiLT used to be an off-road brand, but re-tooled and now makes street gear (though a new collection of off-road gear is on the way). BiLT quality is on par with Frank Thomas gear (which was always better than the price would lead you to believe) and is built to be good, solid gear for the general riding populace. Sedici is on par with Joe Rocket and Teknic and is a more "race-oriented" line.

One reason that Cycle Gear is proud to carry these brands is that both are covered by guarantees that you don't get from other brands. There are very few motorcycle gear manufacturers offering a 5-Year Guarantee on manufacturing/materials (BiLT) and we don't know of any offering a Lifetime Guarantee on manufacturing/materials (Sedici). We do know that the products are less expensive because CG helped the two lines go factory-direct, so instead of everyone in the supply chain (factory > brand > distributor > retailer) marking up to get their cut, it's marked up much less.

Give us a call (1-800-CYCLEGEAR/292-5343) to ask your questions and then try the gear for yourself. If for whatever reason you don't like it, take it back to Cycle Gear based on the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, the BiLT 5-Year Guarantee or the Sedici Lifetime Guarantee. If you do like it, well, you've gotten some good gear for a great price - what we like to call a "solid value".

Please let us know if you've bought some of this new gear and how it's treating you. If you have questions, post up and we'll do our best to answer them!
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