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New Color Schemes for '05

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I saw Suzuki posted the pics of the new color schemes for the 2005 600's. I wasn't very impressed. Blue looks the best.... red/white looked sorta R6ish, I thought black would be cool but it looks dumb with white. I'm glad I have got an 04. By the way, why does Suzuki's website suck soo bad compared to Honda and Yamaha.... 360 views, photo galleries, etc. I'm just glad there website quality doesn't speak for bike quality, I wouldn't trade the gixxer for anything else....

P.S. I just know re-registered since the hack-job....
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i like the red one...they ruined the yellow one puttin blue in it though...
Yea the red sixxer looks sexy and the yellow sixxer looks guy but the yellow 1000 looks good. And suzuki doesn't was the money on there web-site they just make the best bikes. LOL
i like the black/white
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