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AHHH, thank goodness i found a site to help me with my new purchase.

i took on trade a 99 srad 600. it has 2900 original miles, was dropped at the dealer ship and put back together by the guy i got it from. ive never owned a bike and i have more fingers on one hand of the different bikes ive rode. so im new to this and dunno where to start as ive always been into cars. i know that this bike has full yoshimura exhaust and a rs3 can and it has been jetted proper for this set up.

1. i know i want/need to have a shop look at it and see what might need attention. the previous owner said he had the front seals rebuilt and thats the limit of his maintenance he has done on it. the oil looks good and actually has a lil to much in it right now. im not sure of the air filter condition or any of that, nor do i know if that is of importance right now.

2. theres a odd "whirring" sound that comes from the front of the bike while in motion. it doesnt increase in sound as i go faster nor does it decrease when you go slower. to me since i dont know any better, it sounds like a dry wheel bearing. but people have been telling me thats more of a squeaking?

3. the clutch adjustment knob is bent. i know i need to replace it. but when i take off from a light i have to kinda over rev the bike and ride the clutch to keep it from stalling. the clutch engagement is a very small point in the travel of the lever. also i can hear a small "clack" every so often that kind of sounds like something to do either with the transmission or the clutch discs. ive heard replacing the clutch adjustment knob and the clutch cable (as it may be stretched) might solve it. any ideas?

4. is changing the mileage hard to do on bikes? i dunno how much i trust the mileage on this..

5. i need to find a rear seat and the rear foot pegs, mine are removed and the seat is gone.

6. throttle response is kinda...meh. its not very sharp and sometimes it takes a bit for the bike to "wind down" back to idle after riding for a bit. it seems to kind of lag at certain rpms. makes me kinda think it has to be either at idle or wide open for it to be happy.

7. the brake lever has a lot of slop in it. ive tried to tighten the only bolt on the assembly and its tight, yet the lever itself has about a 1/4" of up and down play. also when coming to a stop i have to pull and release (like pumping the brakes on a car) the brake lever to get alot, or at least what i think should be normal brake pressure on the front brake. again since i dont know any better id day it was a failing brake master cylinder if this were a car.

other than that it has been a blast so far. i gotta get me a real helmet (i got a cheapo HJC from YEARS ago), a jacket, better gloves and most importantly signed up for the rider safety class so i can get my endorsement pronto!
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