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1: cutom paint and seats or stock????(lights were done by me.)
2: how much u think this is worth????
3: what’s the best quality sounding exhaust that isn’t too loud but screams when u lay into the throttle.
So I’ll tell ya a lil bit bout it. she’s got a dark galaxy blue metallic flaked paint job all throughout the exterior and has tons of faint almost invisible skulls hand airbrushed into the entire bike paint job that I can see when u look up close to it and Matte black inner works. Then it’s got golden yellow trimmings and badges and accessories and then the best part of all the seats. Their either albino anaconda skin or albino python skin. And has a shorty straight pipe that stops right before the back of my heel. So it’s super loud. Lol! So what ya think? Like I said she is my very first motorcycle and never being on any motorcycle before I jumped right on her at sellers out and driver her 1hr 49 min home at 11pm on everything from interstates to straight flat roads between fields and country hills and mountains and city streets. Had no problems at all lol im a born natural lolol also havin the hardest time finding a riding outfit that matches… and ideas??
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