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The time has come!!!! Vote for your favorite ride.

Sorry Soundwave, you didn't include pics of your ride so you are dq'ed

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Johnny Bravo's mini project :devil

49cc Race motor with pull start
race carburator
cable disc brakes
gold bottom shocks
K&N filter
Black frame
Slick tires (front & rear)
Carbon fiber vinyl mudguards
Greenish vinyl coated rims
stainless muffler

2007 GSXR carbon fiber vinyl fairing colors (white, Black & blue)

see how far i get before being deleted ... lol

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Sold my FZ-07 in March and bought this L2 600. Best decision ever. I got it with less than 4K miles and it was flawless. Unfortunately, I had a minor lowside in September. I still need to replace the stator cover and front left and bottom fairings.

Aftermarket Chinese seat cowl
Removed rear passenger pegs
M4 GP shorty exhaust
Renthal grips
Black/red short adjustable clutch/brake levers
Vortex -1/+2 sprockets
HealTech speedohealer
DiD gold chain
R6 throttle tube conversion
Stompgrip tank grips

Still planning on getting steel braided lines and I think I might look into anodizing the rearsets in black.


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All right I'll put mine in here again just for old time sake and to populate this thread a bit.

Year: 2007
Model: GSXR1000K7
- Hindle race Header, Alien Head Pipe
- Galfer SBK Wave Rotors
- Hel Break Lines
- Ohlin R&T forks, Olin TTX rear shock with remote
- Ohlin Steering Damper
- Brembo front and rear Calipers (Brembo Pads)
- Brembo Master and lever remote adjuster
- Custom Painted Rims and Dunlop Q3’s - now (Q2's in the older images)
- Custom Engine & Axel Sliders
- SuperSprox +2 Sprocket, Gold RK 525 Chain
- Vortex Rear Sets
- Yoshi Case Covers
- Hot Bodies Undertail & Hugger
- Competition Werks Pivot Plate Mount
- K&N Filter
- Throttlemeister Bar Ends
- Woodcraft Clip-ons
- Pazzo Shorty Levers
- Luimoto Custom Seat Cover
- Stomp Tank Grips, Custom Tank Pad
- Flashed CPU with custom tune and a redundant PCIII
- All the usual easy mods like the pair valve etc.
- Sporttech Black Windscreen, Hot Bodies Mirror Block Offs, Adaptive TPX Radar with Blue Tooth and LED
- Aprox 10 horse power worth of decals maybe more...
- Some minor motor work for a nice HP increase and close to 45lbs shaved off....this bike is a beast.

Story: This is my 29th bike and the best one I’ve ever had. The back half of the bike has 34,000kms, the front has about 2/3rds of that most likely. It was a real money pit and time consuming machine but I've had fun doing it none the less. I’m an Industrial Designer/Machinist/back yard grease monkey and have enjoyed building and racing bikes for as long as I can remember.
The beast still does 305kph even with the +2 rear sprocket and will lift the front at 180 at 7000 with a simple roll of the magic gas thingy on the right clip-on.
I love all bikes, had 34 in total, 5 at the moment but the GSXR is 1st prize to me!

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