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It is time to cast your votes!

We have a little variety this month and two unique builds that deserve a spot on the front page.

Good luck Gents.

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2003 GSXR 600
New Custom Black and Orange Corona Extra fairings
New matching orange and black shorty levers
New orange core moto braided stainless steel brake lines
New orange brake reservoir
Room for 4 beer cans in the undertail <img src="" border="0" alt="" title="Wink" class="inlineimg" />


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Here's my 2006 GSX-R1000 'K6' that I've spent the last 5 months (June-November) doing a complete tear down and refresh on. A lot of time checking everything and replacing any worn parts along with some engine improvements and suspension upgrades. This bike is an absolute beast and is so smooth to ride. It feels like it floats through corners and with the engine work the power is incredible through the rev range. This bike is a blast to ride and I feel would rival bikes 10 years or newer and give them a fight. The raw power of the K6 is hard to beat and these bikes were before all the electronic rider assists and emissions standards so you get the full superbike experience which to me is great.


Ohlins Rear Shock
K-tech Fork Cartrages
Brembo Front Master Cyclinder, Rotors and GP4-RS Calipers
Speigler SS brake lines
Zeta Clutch Perch
Attack Rearsets
Carbon fiber trim
EK3d 520 chain -1 front with Driven aluminum rear sprocket
Carrozzeria Titanium Grey wheels
Dunlop Q3+ 120/70 & 190/55
Shori Battery
Power Commander V
Saddleman Seat
Zero Tolerance windscreen
M4 exhaust
R&G case covers
Captive rear caliper
Sprint air filter
and some engine enhancements

Here are a few pictures of it and one with my other bike.

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