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o ring or mechanical seal?????????

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Hey guys I'm in need of an explanation of what the 2 seals are for I'm changing the o ring seal on the water pump on my 04 gixxer 600 because i see oil coming from o ring location, going in the motor. Know what does the mechanical seal inside the pump do if it is failing is there supposed to be oil or coolant coming from the weeping hole??? help please
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There are two seals around the water pump shaft - an oil seal on the motor side to prevent motor oil from passing and getting into the coolant, and a mechanical seal behing the impeller to prevent coolant from getting inot the oil.
There is a weep hole, or "tell-tale" behind the mechanical seal, that lets you know when the seal is not sealing anymore, as the coolant leaks from it.
They mechanical seal is the more expensive, and the oil seal is really cheaper - so my advice is to replace BOTH at the same time since you are in there already.

Be real carefull installing the mechanical seal, and use latex gloves, being cautious not to touch the sealing surfaces.
You may need a "special" tool to push the new mechanical seal into the waterpump housing.
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