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Year: 2001
Model: Suzuki GSXR
Eng size: 600
Pipe: M4 GP slip-on w/ custom mid pipe, Hindle header.
Seat: Stock shaved seat
Wheels: Chrome
Accessories/other mods: CUSTOM PAINT!!!!!, 02 GSXR 600 headlight swap, HID kit (2), Zero Gravity Double Bubble windscreen, purple led modded gauges w/ color changing neutral light, chrome levers, factory shaved seat, 04-05 GSXR 600 integrated taillight, Flushmount front turn signals, M4 GP slip-on with a modified mid pipe to accept it, fender eliminator, shaved hooks, Lowered front and rear about as much as you can go and still ride it, -1 front sproket w/ 520 MVX2 chrome chain, Purple led underglow, and all kinds of other chrome bits.
And the story: This is the wife's bike! She bought it about 6 years ago while she was completing her riders safety course. She had ridden an 81 Yamaha 650 previously so this was HER first bike. Bike was yellow and black so that lasted the 1/2 a season she first owned it. It has slowly changed over time and morphed into her idea of what SHE wanted. She loved the purple color from the Alstare edition GSXR, so "bright purple metallic" was what it got painted.


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Congrats on another BOTM win
There is actually a TON of work in that purple machine! She is happy, that means I'm happy too then. It is def a head turner with the color and chrome, and the fact a girl rides it doesn't hurt.

I use to "get mad" jokingly at my wife when someone would take a pic or ask about her bike and drool over it, while my basically street legal dragbike with more money in the swingarm than her whole setup was overlooked.
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