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OK so Johnny Bravo will try again for .......

Year: 2007
Model: GSXR K7
Eng size: 1000cc
Pipe: 2 Brothers Racing single pipe
Seat: 2 seats (1 for me & 1 for the missus)
Wheels: Yellow (powder coated)

Accessories/other mods:
Juicebox (2 Brothers racing),
Niche saddle pannier bags,
Ventura Packrack system,
K&N filter,
Ventura brackets,
Radar detector bracket,
Short brake & clutch levers

Pretty standard with a few mods in progress


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Eng size:599
Pipe:Yoshi R-77 slipon
Seat: stock
Wheels: stock
Accessories/other mods:
- Red clipons
- Red/black grips
- Yoshi R-77 slip-on
- Zero Gravity dark smoke double bubble windshield
- Auctmart Fairings
- Red fairing bolt kit
- ShoGun nocut frame sliders
- Noname bar end mirrors
- Stickers for added HP
- Removed fender
- Nothing else really

And the story:
The very moment she was mine to ride home she looked exactly like this.

Coming home from a long shift, not having slept in 24 hours, I decided to cast my eyes upon a marvelous thunder storm that was over my town as I was taking the exit ramp off the interstate. As I look back down, I'm basically in the grass. I hit a bump in the grass and she kicked me off around 50-55mph.
(that is the temp tag for when I changed to a custom plate... I didn't wreck it before I ever plated it lol)

But she came back looking great! (minus the fender...)

But that just wasnt her look. She threw a tantrum and left me when I needed her most, in a left hand turn where I was trying to beat the yellow light. I low sided in B.S. that was left on the road after painting lines and the bike slid through the intersection and up a curb.

and once again she came back looking better than before!

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